Case Study: Airspace Density

A quantitaive, comparative analysis of airspace densities over major airports in the United States before and during the rise of COVID-19. Study shows the effect the pandemic has had on air travel. Project utilizes Tableau and Python to generate compelling visuals.

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Case Study: Declining video game sales

Investigates global sales of video games per platform between the years 1980 to 2015, and advises if an entry into the industry is advisable or not. Project uses Python to analyse the data retrieved from the DE team. To make life harder for myself, a local dashboard is set up to run visualizations using Dash.

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Case Study: Venue Locations in NYC

An established organisation needs analysis of locations in NYC to decide on a location to open up a new venue. Project uses web scraped information and geospatial data, as well as the Foursquare API to draw conclusions for viable locations.

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Computer Vision: Watchdog Solutions for non-IoT vehicles

This project attempts to mimic a 'sentry' mode for old vehicles. A DIY dashcam implementation on a mobile computer system.

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End to End

This section showcases ability to design and deploy data pipelines of various types over managed and unmanaged cloud services.


An Aiflow orchestrated pipeline deplpoyed via Docker used alongside S3, Spark and Hadoop. A basic processing pipeline.

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AWS Glue

This project illustrates the use of Glue to orchestrate the migration of data and its visualization from S3 to Redshift. Scripts and Queries used in testing are included

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